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In-Salon Toners: FAQs

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a stylist is, "What is a toner?" The easiest way I can explain this is to show them a platinum blonde client. After their foils came out they didn't have that hue magically. They were most likely a pale baby duck yellow. So, what cancels out yellow? Purple.

Therefore,to achieve those platinum locks a "toner" with a violet base was applied after shampooing out the highlights. Now usually the next question is, "Will it dry out or damage my hair?" This is a definite NO! Toner/glosses seal the cuticle, add lustrous shine and tame frizz. They also SEAL your hair color just like a topcoat for your nails, making your investment last longer.

Toners are not just for blondes either; a toner can even out a patchy colored or dull brunette or redhead, create a softer blend between roots and highlights, and change color direction if you'd like to be slightly more ash, golden, or red. One thing a toner will not do is lighten the hair.

After a toning service it is recommended to wait 24 hours to shampoo and use a sulfate free shampoo. My new favorite is BLNDN Brighten You. It's a non-stripping purple tinted shampoo. Follow it with their 3 minute Tone You mask and your highlights will be as fresh and shiny as the day you got them!