Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not only designed to lengthen the look of your hair, but may also be applied to increase thickness and volume.

Wild Orchid Salon has access to dozens of colors allowing your hair extension specialist to create the appearance of highlights and low lights without color processing. It is a great way to add depth and overall movement of your hair. Get your hair extensions custom tailored to suit your individual needs. Hair extensions are an investment and we want our clients to have 100% satisfaction and thoroughly enjoy your experience. Included in all of our hair extension packages are: Extension Hair, Installation, Cut, Style and initial 2-4 week follow up appointment to check up the health of your extensions.


Hair Extension Cost

Hair Extensions come in all price categories; but how do you find the happy medium of affordability and quality… It’s not a simple answer. The mistake most people make is starting with a price search rather than a quality search. Essentially, with hair extensions you do get what you pay for. Start by finding high quality hair and determine how long you wish to have extensions. If a hair extension provider offers hair extensions for $500 but fails to mention the hair has to be replaced every 2-3 months it will cost you on average $2,000 for one year! Also, due to low quality and tangling problems some hair extensions may cause damage to your natural hair.

Wild Orchid Salon provides hair extensions with the highest grade human hair and depending on the type of extensions may be re-usable for up to 1 year. Our hair extension prices are 100% transparent and there are ZERO add on charges. Since we are an independent hair extension salon, we are not tied to a single supplier or brand of extensions. This allows us to hand pick directly from the suppliers, ensuring that we can always provide the finest hair to our clients.

The Consultation Process

A free comprehensive hair extension consultation is completed initially with every client. This gives the client a chance to discuss their questions and/or concerns while we assess their hair prior to performing any service. During the consultation we offer a free test hair extension. The extension is intended to give you an idea of how they feel and preform in your own hair.

Wild Orchid Salon has hair extension specialists preforming several methods of hair extensions services including HotHeads, Great Lengths, Invisitab and NXS.

Please Note: Consultations are by Appointment Only