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Hey gang, happy Friday! This week in the salon I did some really fun live streaming via Facebook over the process of yours truly getting the Brazilian Blowout treatment. First let me say, that I am so in love with my hair and I have received so many compliments on my new mane! So let's get down to how to care for your blowout once you're home so that you can get the most out of your investment!

When you come in to receive your treatment, i'll introduce to, and inform you on all of the take home products that you will need to keep these results on point!

1) Brazilian Blowout Shampoo....this shampoo is so important to use every time you do cleanse your hair. It contains gentle botanical cleansers that get the hair clean without any parabens, sulfate, or sulfites. The lack of these harmful chemicals also means that the shampoo isn't going to give you that luxurious lather that you may be used to but don't worry, your hair is still getting clean!

2) Brazilian Blowout Conditioner...this is the daily conditioner to be used after shampooing to help with tangling and smoothness just the same as any daily conditioner. This conditioner is special in that it contains small amounts of acai and amino acids to continue nourishing your hair with each application.

3) Brazilian Blowout Conditioning Masque...this is the heavy hitter in the home care process! This masque is to be applied once a week (post blowout) for a minimum of 20 minutes.The masque is amazing because it contains the most amino acids of all the aftercare products, delivering a heavy dose of nourishment, smoothness, shine and humidity protection to your hair. I like to call it your mini blowout in a bottle. Here is the secret to maintaining the longest results ever from your blowout....ready...... Apply the Brazilian Blowout Masque once a week....over night! That's right...sleep in it!!

Here are the steps...shampoo, rinse, apply the masque, cover with a shower cap, get a good night’s sleep, wake....only RINSE the masque out and style normally.

Doing this consistently will give you lasting, smooth, frizz free results for 5-6 months!!! My clients that have been getting blowouts for years are already savvy to this tip and they have been enjoying that perfect hair for months on end! This is also allowing them to book blowouts only twice a year! Talk about a bang for your buck! As always I look forward to seeing you in my chair soon!