Oribe's Trio of Modern Texturizers

Fun in the sun is effortless, as should be your beach waves. Living in Austin never disappoints but we aren’t on the beach; or close enough to the coast to achieve that beautiful vacay hair on the daily. The new Oribe texture products have made it easy on us girls not so ‘blessed with the best’ effortless waves to achieve that lived-in look. Aside from the gold packaging and the original Oribe scent, each product is its own little texture treasure. After trying these products out on myself and my clients for the past six weeks, I have fallen madly in love. It’s the perfect line meant to style, finish, and refresh that lived in beach bum (aka Victoria Secret model photoshoot) look.

These products can be used in conjunction with one another, or separately, depending on your hair type and desired look. You can ‘use them as directed’, or get creative with how you apply and style.

There are benefits to each product, no matter how you use them.

Matte Waves was created to be applied to damp hair to help give your natural texture a little extra definition, banishing all frizz. Basically, this can be used as your ‘salt spray’ equivalent without the threat of drying out the hair. Matte Waves is neither salty, or a spray, but a perfectly light cream with a low shine element, and a medium hold! This product comes in pump-form, with a milky texture making it easy to spread throughout the hair. The anti-frizz element comes by way of the ‘Wave Resin Compex’ made up of the Yacón plant (which helps nourish the hair), the Brazilian Nut extract (high in fatty acids and vitamine E to protect from damage and the elements), and the Tara Plant (heals damage hair by thickening and moisturizing). So basically, you get that natural lived in textured style with all these added benefits! Too good to be true? Nope!

Air style is a flexible finishing cream to be used on dry hair to give you soft, flexible hold & moisture with a satin Finish. Apply Air Style to the mid shaft through ends to create texture and soften/control frizz (even on second and third day hair). This moisturizing cream provides a flexible hold that can be refreshed with a few simple scrunches throughout the day with no need to re-apply product because… Air Style uses a flexible polymer blend (to create texture) but also has the moisturizing ingredients your hair loves. The flower wax blend of sweet violet, jasmine, and acacia is where it gets its soft texture, the Cotton oil strengthens while delivering shine, and the Jojoba/ apricot blend protects the hair while taming frizz. And there you have it. Voila, satin in a puck.

The last piece to this set is the stickiest, has the most shine, and might be the most versatile. Star glow is a gel/wax concoction that will have the most hold, creates strong texture all the while adding the perfect amount of shine. To create the dry piece-y look you just emulsify a small amount in your hands (start with a dime size), and rake through the ends of the hair. Because of the Abyssinian Seed oil, your hair will be moisturized with high shine but won’t get weighed down or become greasy. Now… the word ‘gel’ generally scares women when it comes to styling; unless we want a sleek pony, to tame the fly-aways, or we’re wanting that ‘wet look’ (all can be achieved with this product) however, the flexible resin complex delivers the hold without the stiffness. Olive oil and natural humectants keep the formula soft all the while protecting the hair by forming a moisture loss/ moisture retention barrier. Style dry for the ideal wave with enough hold, go bold and rock that sleek pony, or confidently rock that wet wet look! This product will get the job done.

After knowing the basic ‘instructions’ of each individual product of this set- do as your stylist would do! Mix and match or layer these products to create your favorite lived in look!

Come in and grab these jewels to keep that perfect wave all year round as we enjoy the last few weeks of this scolding heatwave we call summer!!

-Downtown Karlee Brown