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Zee Zertuche

Senior Stylist & HotHeads Extension Certified

Zee was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, after graduating from high school she moved to Austin, where she enjoys the natural beauty of the city and the unique things that make it a special place. As a young girl she was inspired by hair and makeup, from her love of art and beauty she decided to pursue a career in hair. She attended Regency Beauty School in 2014 then honed in on her skill working her way up to a Master Cutter and successfully building a clientele. Zee has become an expert in a wide range of techniques including long layers, bobs, tapered fades, and Up-Dos. She is trained and experienced in Hot Head extensions, Keratin smoothing treatments and Brazilian Blowouts. Zee’s goal as a stylist is to master her craft, she loves to learn and keep current with the latest trends while educating her guest on their hair needs.

Outside of the salon, Zee enjoys spending time with friends and family and her two pets, a cat and a dog. She also enjoys live music, traveling, and loves outdoor activities with her husband including camping and gardening.

She’s excited to be apart of the Wild Orchid Team and aspires to be a part of helping you reach your beauty goals.

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Hair by Zee